Thursday, 3 October 2013

ESoA at GoGirl Edu Fair

ESoA corner at GoGirl edu fair 4-5 oct'13 at Gandaria City displaying students' artwork and introducing "thefirst" as a brand of ESoA students' exclusive artworks that will be on sale during the 2 day exhibition, you can buy range of special design cute pouch, order a sketch portrait of you/for your loved ones on a piece of colorful paper OR on a cool sketch book...(looo kok aku yg jualan nih hahaha kalo laku aku dibikinin extra sketch book yaaa qiqiqiq) 

just be there to experience ESoA way of having FUN 😘😘

a note:

waktu aku tanya anak2 ini kalau nanti dapet keuntungan dari hasil penjualan mau diapain jawabnya: untuk bisa beli art supplies/tools yang bisa di share antar mereka di kelas spy engga usah minta uang dari papah mamah *owwww 😱😱*  

#they design, plan and manage their own brand, they send out sponsorship proposal to cover their capital to start up their first business under a brand they call "THEFIRST"#

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